Co-work, co-create, co-live. The perfect playground for digital-nomads.

Nomadic Worktrips

Vienna - Oct. 2018
Coworking from home

A space for nomads and nomads-to-be.

Whether you have been a nomad for years or you want to experiment the nomadic experience, the Nomadic Worktrips are for you.
Come as you are, bring your stuff and just live the experience.
You are about to meet the community, learn, share, and enjoy the full experience for a week or a month!
Have fun, discover new activites while being efficient as a nomad.

You are about to:

  • Get a cozy place where to feel home,
  • Share with the Digital Nomad community,
  • Invent in a co-creative environment,
  • Lean and experiment your new future passion

Vienna - Oct. 2018

Come for a week, or a month

An affordable entry for new nomads

Stay reachable constantly

In touch with new workmates

Enjoy the full comfort

Get connected everywhere

Leisure and activities

benefit from experimented nomads tricks

Enjoy, while getting good work done

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